Thursday, May 1, 2008

HDR TEST CASE: Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh

This is my first test photo for High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR). Taken near sunsent across the street from the Cathedral, using my Canon Rebel XTi. Using Photoshop CS2, I combined three images with different shutter speeds(at -2, 0, +2), then adjusted to curves to tweak the levels. It may not be the prettiest picture ever, but it's a start.

The Rebel XTi has a feature that will take three images in a row with one button press, a helpful feature to reduce camera shake (and just generally a nice thing to have!) While HDR is by no means at the cutting edge of digital photography, it does open a new range of possibilities for the experimenting photographer (especially one looking to breathe new life into digital equipment).

In case your wondering, posting this image is a lame excuse for me to test the Flickr/Google/Blogger link combo. Google is looking more and more like a 'homebase' for internet users, a subject I'll be blogging about soon.

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Anthelion said...

I like the shot for the effects on the flower and the sky, but the COL looks insignificant... what about darkening it and boosting the contrast? BTW I have a political blog on here I just started...

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